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            How do I setup sync between multiple devices ?

            There are 2 steps to the process:

            • Login to the same account on your second device.
            • Copy your access key to the second device.

            The first step is straight-forward. You need to login to the same account you setup on your original device. That is, you need to login using an identity that you've linked to your account. For example, if you linked both your Twitter identity & your LinkedIn identity to your Storm4 account, then you'll need to login using one of these. (Either will work.)

            Once you've logged in, you'll then be prompted for your "access key".

            The access key allows you to actually decrypt the content stored in the cloud. Recall that Storm4 encrypts all your data (with an encryption key known only to you) before sending it up to the cloud. In order to ensure your privacy, there is a private key that is known only to your devices. The server doesn't know your private key, and thus cannot ever read your data. This means that, in order to decrypt the data that's sitting in the cloud, you'll need to transfer your access key from your original device to your new device.

            If you're cloning from macOS:  watch video

            • Open the Storm4 preferences window
            • Select the "Accounts" tab
            • Select the account you wish to clone
            • Click the "Clone this account to another device" button.
              • A window will appear with a QR code. This is your access key.
            • Scan this code on the new device by simply pointing the camera at it.
              • e.g. hold your phone camera up in front of the macOS screen

            If you're cloning from iOS:

            • Open the Storm4 app
            • Select the account you wish to clone
              • If already selected, ensure you navigate to the root folder of the account
            • Tap your account avatar at the top of the screen
              • This is the image of your account directly below the clock
            • A new screen will appear. Select "Make Clone Code".
              • A window will appear with a QR code. This is your access key.
            • Scan this code with the new device by simply pointing the camera at it.
              • e.g. hold your phone in front of the macOS camera

            While scanning the QR code using your camera is often the easiest way, it's not always possible. For example, if you are trying to clone between two desktop machines in different locations. Luckily there are alternative methods as well.

            Option #1 - QR Code

            You can export the QR code in various ways. One simple way is to print it out. (If you happen to have a printer). Then you could simply bring the printed paper to the other machine, and scan it with your camera.

            Or you could export the QR code to a file. You can then transfer this file to your new machine. And once on the new device, you can drag the file, and drop it on the camera scanner view (of the Storm4 window).

            Keep in mind that, for security purposes, we recommend you don't export the QR code in a non-secure fashion. That is, without password protection. For example, we heard from early beta customers that they were exporting the QR code (without password protection), and then emailing it to themselves via Gmail. (A non-trustworthy email provider.) Thus we added the ability to password protect the exported QR code file. Just type in any password/passphrase you want. It doesn't have to be your account password. This password is only being used to encrypt the QR code.

            Option #2 - Keywords (mnemonic)

            As an alternative to the QR code, we allow exporting your access key as a simple list of words.

            So you could simply write these words down on a piece of paper, and then bring them to the other machine.
            Updated: 04 Feb 2018 11:51 PM
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